Long Tail Keywords vs Short Tail Keywords.

Finding keywords to tap into Google is great - but it can be a very trying endeavor and more often than not, you're bound to find all the good keywords are already taken and have tons and tons of competition.

Does this mean you should give up? Of course not! Truth be told there are still a lot of untapped keywords out there that are popular and useful enough for you to take advantage of. All that you need to do is try a little harder, and start to focus in the right areas!

That brings us to - Long tail keywords.

In a nutshell, long tail keywords simply mean keywords that are more than 3 words in length. On the other hand, short tail keywords are keywords that are 3 words or less in length.

As an example, the keyword "make money online" is a short tail keyword, whereas the keyword "make money online with affiliate marketing" is a long tail keyword. See what the difference between them is?

Basically, a keyword that is longer is probably going to be searched for less. Generally speaking, people tend to use keywords that are as short and to the point as possible. However, on occasion there are long phrases that are used simply because they're the best way of encompassing what you want to find.

These particular kind of long tail keywords tend to have very good popularity, but because they're so long, chances are they've been overlooked by others who are carrying out keyword research and thus can be an amazing opportunity!

Bear in mind that the longer the keyword, the more targeted it is probably going to be, and you can use this to your advantage as well if you're smart enough!

By looking for long tail keywords that target your niche (and/or product) as specifically as possible, you'll be gaining a profitable avenue of traffic that is highly targeted. Also, others aren't very likely to stumble onto your new found long tail keyword, so you could be profiting from the keywords that you find for a lot longer than otherwise.

Bear in mind though - finding keywords is really just the first step. Even once you've found some amazingly profitable, high popularity and low competition long tail keywords, you then need to know just how to use them within your content so that you can gain the results that you desire.

Take care with your keyword research - it could be one of the most important aspects of your efforts to make a killing from Google itself!